Airblox: Going Beyond the Status Quo

Airblox: Going Beyond the Status Quo

3 August 2022

Beyond the status quo

The status quo of capacity management is no longer the most effective way to get things done. From no accessibility to real time capacity, to no standardized visibility of the air cargo market, slow negotiation channels, lengthy payment cycles, and the resource hours these processes devour, it’s time for something new that keeps pace with emerging trends and promotes process optimization.

Meet Airblox, the newest strategic air cargo capacity management tool!

An aviation industry-first fintech platform where capacity contract agreements have been digitized , Airblox is an online exchange where standardized Electronic Block Space Agreements (eBSA) are issued by suppliers of capacity to be traded by users of capacity spanning the globe. The platform brings together over two hundred airlines and more than a hundred thousand freight forwarders and global sales agents making it a powerful supply chain resource.

With flexible offerings, positions can be booked as singles or multiples, or even at an aircraft level with full or partial capacity. Capacity can be initially blocked for a non-refundable partial premium down payment while the rest of the contract is negotiated, which not only locks in the space, but also eliminates no-shows.

Airblox will be an integral part of digital sustainability because it provides modern solution optimizations to old, outdated, slow processes. Negotiations happen in real time, with dashboards that access the most recent capacity information, and settlements process in days, even in cross-border situations, whereas they used to take up to a month or more.

Airblox Product Management Lead and Co-Founder Farhan Farrukh says, “Electronic capacity contracts are the future because they expedite and simplify the process for buyers and sellers, there’s real-time access to capacity information, and an e-platform facilitates these transactions in a global marketplace.

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