Airblox Attending CNS 2022

Airblox Attending CNS 2022

18 May 2022

Airblox Attending CNS

The CNS Partnership Conference is happening next week in Phoenix and Airblox is proud to be attending and is a silver sponsor of the event. You can meet with us either at Booth 24 or in the Villas, Suite 217.

Attending from Airblox are Founder Edip Pektas, Product Manager Farhan Farrukh, Strategic Advisor Mike Oslansky and Ariaen Zimmerman. In fact, don't miss Edip's speech on the Innovation Stage Wednesday from 12:00 - 12:30.

Since launching in March at Air Cargo Americas 2022, Airblox eBSA(™) solution has been enthusiastically received by airlines and freight forwarders looking to remove decades of manual process and layers to the process of negotiating, securing and filling block space agreements between airlines and forwarders.

Unlike a spot marketplace driving rates to the lowest level for immediate availability, Airblox looks to the future, offering a single allocation or a series of allocations on specific flights or trade lanes. Airlines have the ability to be introduced to new forwarder customers by offering space for purchase through the Airblox eBSA(™) platform. Small to medium-sized forwarders are attracted to the ability to bid on, negotiate or outright purchase space. For forwarders holding capacity they cannot use or wish to resell, Airblox's smart contracts offer a guaranteed digital contract and payment solution ensuring all parties get what they want as part of the transaction.

Revenue and yield management are integral to an airline's calculation when determining whether or not to offer a new lane. An unfilled position is like an empty seat - a missed opportunity. Airblox is working to help airlines and forwarders better understand how to increase utilization and resell space at rates that reflect the market today, next week and in the months ahead.

To help determine that capacity's worth, Airblox is ingesting data from companies like Clive Data Systems and the OAG to help inform buyers and sellers' decisions when offering space on the exchange.

Airblox is the first and only platform in the air cargo segment offering a capacity exchange solution focusing on both wholesale and retail electronic block space agreements. The platform differentiates itself from other technology offerings because unlike our competitors, we are not focused on spot market bookings but longer term potential. Finally, the proliferation of external booking platforms and our API's means that Airblox's solution can be integrated into any of them for a seamless, in-line experience for users.

We encourage everyone to stop by our booth or hospitality suite to see a demonstration of the platform and to hear in person the new and exciting features and offerings that are arriving in the coming weeks and months. Whether you are an airline with capacity to offer or a forwarder looking to buy, sell or block, find out how the days-long process of negotiating a block space agreement is reduced to just hours with Airblox eBSA(™) solution.