Farhan Farrukh
Farhan Farrukh

Farhan Farrukh

Product Management

Farhan is the Product Management Lead and co-founder of Airblox coming from a strong background in management consulting, product management and agile coaching for Fortune 100 companies.

Every project in my consulting career was different, yet almost identical: go to a client and perform a gap analysis, propose a plan, execute with a good team, and move on. I served many roles within software delivery but fell in love with all things Product Management, from discovery, operations, marketing, to launch and evolvement. Every problem was different, the lessons learned were invaluable but the missing ingredient to me personally was that I could not own a problem from its infancy stage to market launch.

From living out of a suitcase a good portion of my career with engagements from healthcare, fintech, pharmaceuticals, supply chain to payments - the one that stood out most to me was fintech. Why? I literally saw every industry change on how it works with accepting and moving money digitally. Our needs will never change but the means we attain will evolve from hailing a taxi with our hands to now using Uber or Lyft, shopping for cars by walking in dealerships to now using sites like Carvana where digital payments and trust-based networks are leading the future across several industries.

Edip and I have known each other since our college days, he was entrepreneurial by nature, and I was risk averse. I joined his venture capital firm in 2017 as an operating partner applying my product management lens to our endeavors. As one of the investment companies in the air cargo ground handling company grew, the problem statement for Airblox was defined and refined over three years and as of 2021, I wake up every day knowing that we are building the first Fintech Aviation platform that will maximize the potential of aviation air cargo capacity and payments!

I have a Masters’s degree in Business Information Systems from DePaul University. My wife and I have 3 amazing daughters where we spend most of our time all things outdoors. My hobbies are all things Formula 1, MotoGP along with being a die hard Chicago Bulls fan. My biggest inspiration after my parents is to live by the saying "you think you know, but you have NO idea! "