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Who We Are

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Aviation was always a passion of mine growing up. I became an air cargo geek when our fund Inoa Ventures started a ground handling company MIC Cargo at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. My first experience standing under the nose of 747-400 freighter is when I knew I got the aviation bug.

The story of Airblox and how it all came about goes back to my quantitative trading days. I experienced digitization of an industry unfolding right in front of my eyes. Trading pits were being replaced by offices, and traders by computer algorithms. It was a revolution!

While growing MIC Cargo, I realized how inefficient the process of trading block spaces is. I observed capacity allocation of one of the most expensive commodities that facilitates global trade, taking so much time, energy and cost to execute, due to mismanagement of resources.

Evolution of means of trade in the commodities market from barter to currency and from handshake agreements to derivatives contracts is amazing to me. The speed at which block chain technology, digital currencies and now Web 3.0, is moving, will fundamentally disrupt how the aviation and logistics industry transacts, evolves and grows.

Airblox today is the best platform for airlines and freight forwarders to trade air cargo capacity. It is flexible, agile and a tactical tool for market participants to visualize their exposure, expand or contract their capabilities and best of all, another way to manage their risk in real time.

Our team of visionaries have designed an ecosystem that we call BASEPAI, which will make Airblox the only place for all aviation stakeholders to trade, exchange, and block capacity. Further, our product roadmap includes the most advanced and scalable blockchain infrastructure for the whole logistics industry to be able to scale on.

As we build our company, we seek people, vendors, thought leaders to help us refine our outlook. As it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a global community of passionate people from all walks of finance and logistics to build an ecosystem.

Welcome to Airblox!

Edip Pektas


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