Create and Exchange Electronic Block Space Agreements (eBSA)

Digital air cargo capacity exchange

Create and Exchange Electronic Block Space Agreements (eBSA)

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How do we add value to your business?

Airblox is an online marketplace that enables freight forwarders (buyers) and airlines (sellers) to trade cargo capacity in the form of standardized electronic block space agreements (eBSA).

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Demand Based Flexible Contracts

Creating flexible routes with electronic block space agreements (eBSA) for single or multiple positions.

Scaling Air Cargo Capacity

Airblox ensures available space is traded at the speed of supply & demand through artificial intelligence and incentives to Bid, Buy and Block capacity.

Risk Management

Hedge or speculate future capacity allocations within a private blockchain network.


Five-day payment settlement cycles on all transactions.

Offer or search for your Airblox capacity lane segment.

Innovative capacity trading capabilities.

Secure your capacity and confirm your price by lane segment.

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